Computer Training and Technical Support

Get the Gnome in your home!

On-Site Tehnical Support

No need to crawl around on the floor and disconnect all the wires and plugs that go to your computer and drag it into a shop just to find out it was something simple. Now you get to haul it back and hepofully remember where verything goes when you plug it all back in. Computer Gnome is available to troubleshoot your computer or electronic device right from the comfort of your own home.
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Computer Gnome HelpLine

Wether its a quick call for an answer to a single question or you need us to remotely take control of your computer to make an adjustment, the Computer Gnome Helpline is a valuable service to have. Yearly subscriptions are available or you can pay monthly or per call. Becoming a yearly subscription memeber also means extra savings for you when you need On-Ste Technical Support.
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Shopping Buddy Service

The Shopping Buddy Service makes purchasing a new computer or electronic device easy. Let us do the leg work to find the computer you want at a great price. Let us advise you on what you need to buy instead of a salesman pushing products you may not need or want. We even come and set it up for you. We make sure everything is working and you have a basic understanding of your new device.
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Computer Gnome Computer Training

Technology has become a significant component of everyday life. Whether you are in need of a speedy solution to a problem or just need to understand the basics, allowing others access to personal computers, cell phones or any device is a step of true trust.

  • Computer Training
    • Classroom Training at various centers around Central Ohio
    • On-Site Training one to one or in small groups
  • Personalized Technical Support
    • We conveniently travel to where you are
    • We are available for the questions you have
    • We can often resolve issues remotely
    • We help you through the purchasing process of a new computer